Our Mission
What is our sense of purpose?
Providing customers with innovative products and quality, recognizing our staff, creating profitability to shareholders and ensuring the continuity of the business.
Our vision
What do we want to be?
The best appliances and Furniture Company in Brazil.
Our values
What do we believe in?
Discipline and commitment: acts with discipline to ensure the quality of deliveries. Commits to the deadlines, expectations and the time of coworkers, partners and customers.

Profitability as a measure of performance: acts with a vision on the targets to reach the results expected in Colormaq’s Strategic Planning.

Respect and appreciation of people: Respects, motivates, challenges and appreciates the good performance of people, promoting their growth.

Innovation: Improves and innovates work processes and the products developed by the company, in a way to contribute to Colormaq’s results.

Love: Is passionate for what they do. Demonstrates that doing what they love opens doors and makes the days lighter and happier.

Determination: Works in a determinate manner in search of the company’s goals. Believes that hard work, focus and perseverance build exceptional results.