Get to know Four decades of expansion in a path of success and achievements Recognized for bringing innovations to the home appliances line for years, Colormaq develops smart solutions that combine technology and design. In addition, we make dreams come true and make things easier for thousands of Brazilians.
The grit of a businessman, and the soul of an inventor

Youngest child of the farm administrator José Pereira da Silva and the housewife Ada Pereira Vasconcelos, Carlos Pereira da Silva was born on April 10, 1939, in the town of São José da Boa Vista, São Paulo. Orphan by mother at the age of three, he was raised by his father and older brothers.

When he was 12 years old, he already dreamt of a better life, the reason why he left home in the rural area of Birigui (SP) and ventured after new opportunities in the city. There he worked as a steward, waiter and door-to-door salesman.

Years after, in Araçatuba (SP), he opened his own business of kitchen utensils. However, his bold and proactive style could not let him wait for customers to come to his establishment, thus he resumed door-to-door sales.

This entrepreneur style would transform Carlos into a successful entrepreneur, a nationally recognized one.

Color Visão is created The first product launched by Colorvisão was a black and white TV screen. It improved the imaged filled with static. The idea to manufacture the screen came up during a bus trip made by the company founder. He noticed that acrylic sheets protected eye vision against solar rays.
1976 Beginning of the Colormaq era
Launch of the Colormaq semi automatic laundry sink. It was produced in steel, with an interior fiber box. The idea came from the lack of tech support for imported machines and the need for a low-cost washing machine in the market.

This product was so successful that it ensured the brand’s leadership in the segment.

Advertising campaign made by Colorvisão.
Evolution of the Colormaq Semi Automatic Laundry Sink In the 1980s, Colormaq semi automatic laundry sinks had their steel plate replaced by injected plastic. In addition, as they opened the path for automation, the engine becomes more powerful.
Colormaq Semi Automatic Laundry Sink Advertising campaign This ad was a landmark and, still today, consumers remember the character and the song. This campaign would have surely become viral in current days.
Steel Cabinets Realizing the market opportunity, the board of directors used those companies that already supplied steel plates, epoxy painting, and launched the Monaco steel kitchen cabinets.
2003 The product line grows The production of kitchen Air Purifiers begins. A product with a modern, durable and efficient design.
2006 Bahia Factory Inaugurated In order to streamline deliveries in the North and Northeast regions of Brazil, the factory in Juazeiro, Bahia, is set up.

2008 New Visual Identity
After 34 years, the logo is updated and the company’s visual communication is modernized.
Automatic Washer 11kg
After a great deal of research, studies and assessments, the automatic 11kg washing machine is launched. A washing machine with an innovative anti-stain system, excellent centrifuge and washing efficiency certified by the INMETRO and PROCEL seals.
Refrigeration Line
Colormaq enters the refrigeration line with the production of a refrigerated water fountain and water cooler.
2011 A Launching Year Within the home appliances line, the launch was of the semi-automatic 5kg washer. In the furniture line, there were two novelties: the Class Master and Class Slim steel kitchen cabinets. The first with a modern aspect, great storage capacity, and high quality. The second, despite being fit, is spacious and adjusts perfectly into small environments.

2012 7kg Washer Launch A washer with five washing programs and a soaking interval, in addition to a protection grid, lint filter and a Weg motor, the largest motor manufacturer in Brazil. In addition, it has a smart hood with an exclusive retractile system, which avoids the hood’s undesired movement.
Launch of the Ipanema Steel Kitchen A Kitchen with a relief finishing on the doors, in addition to tempered glass and sandblasted drawing. The knobs dispense the use of screws, offering the best finishing and facilitating fixation.

Colormaq 15 Kg
Washing Machine Launch
With greater capacity and a modern design, the 15kg automatic is ideal for washing the entire family’s clothes. In addition, it is economic and sustainable with lower energy consumption and the possibility of reusing the rinsing water for other domestic services.